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3D Expands Manufacturing for SFI-Rated Driving Suits and Gloves

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3D Industries – Expands Manufacturing for SFI-Rated Driving Suits and Gloves for the Auto Racing Industries

Thurs, 15 Sept 2014 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries is expanding its production and offering for SFI rated driving suits and gloves in 2014.

3D Industries manufactures premium quality fire protective racing gear to top brands, wholesalers and OEMs in the Motorsports and Powersports industries. 3D makes quality technical garments and gloves that not only meet the demands of extreme driving and racing applications but works with the client to deliver this performance gear in a quick and cost-effective way.

3D Industries offers many options for gloves and driving suits: fully rated fabrics/ materials, to design features and appliques. With this process already streamlined over our 30 years of production, the increased features and lower cost has given 3D an edge on other suppliers with a wide range of SFI garments and goods. The sourcing for materials and mills seems to be the only minor hurdle for 3D to keep the cost down and within project specifications.

“Because at 3D Industries, we handle all aspects as the manufacturer, we can ensure the stability of the supply chain and the consistency over quality throughout production. We manage all aspects of product development; from conducting several series of safety testing for SFI ratings, sampling, QC, and more. 3D Industries assures that every possible factor is discovered and nothing is missed,” said Mike Mendoza, 3D’s Marketing Director.

With 3D’s Technical Factory Network production for these items can be sourced to multiple vendors for the best costing and quality combination, or relocated production for new features. Clients can expect the team at 3D to handle inquiries for these items with skill and accuracy. Orders for these items have only increased since the improved costing and production have been in place. 3D is currently manufacturing fire resistant items for several large distributors and OEM’s.

– Mike Mendoza
3D Marketing Director

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