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3D Industries Expands Services into Golf Apparel Manufacturing

For Immediate Release

3D Industries Expands Services into Golf Apparel Manufacturing with Performance Garments, Golf Accessories and Travel Gear.

Thursday, 26 Jan. 2017 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries is now offering custom development for private label apparel and accessories with specialized fabrics, treatments, trims, technical features to clients in the golf industry in 2017.

3D Industries is proud to offer manufacturing and development services for premium golf apparel and accessories. 3D offers a wide range of service options; proprietary fabrics, advanced sourcing, technical construction, custom trims and treatments. We do everything to ensure a custom quality product.
3D specializes in all types of custom apparel ranging from outerwear, tops, bottoms, headwear, socks, and accessories.

3D’s direct factory relationships increase a client’s ability to manufacture technical sportswear to a higher quality, quicker turnaround, with fewer variables in the manufacturing chain. 3D’s services are perfect for golf apparel companies looking to source production for advanced features with custom designs, colors prints, or technical fabric development. 3D is currently expanding its sales team and marketing efforts to support these clients in the golf industry. The contribution and knowledge from these new team members will boost 3D’s ability to reach key customers and provide quality service to the golf sport apparel marketplace.

“3D Industries is already producing high quality sports apparel for running, cycling and cross training, that expanding production into the various golf apparel markets works very well with our business capabilities. We are experts at anti-bacterial, light weight fabrics, interlocked seams, technical functionality, etc.. Features that exemplify a quality sport garment. As golf apparel markets demand a higher standard, we would like to meet this demand.”

– Mike Mendoza
3D Marketing Director

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