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3D Expands Production With Core Clients & Customers

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3D Industries – Expands its Production and Development Relationships with Core Clients & Customers

Thurs, 03 JULY 2014 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries is proud to announce that it is expanding its client relationships for private label apparel in 2014.

3D Industries is increasing its manufacturing for many core clients in Motorsports, Autosports, and the Outdoor Industries. 3D Industries is a long time private label manufacturer of quality technical garments, luggage, and accessories. 3D offers advanced services for; apparel design & development, apparel manufacturing, technical racing gear, product development, UV performance fabrics, waterproof sports jackets and more.

3D’s team utilizes advanced design processes; always with the forethought in mind for new ways to make their client’s products stand out in the marketplace. But never forgetting the “Function & Fit” philosophy needed to make a quality technical product.

3D’s new production will cover a wide range of products from; MX race gear, fire resistant racing suits, and waterproof outdoor apparel. 3D’s is working directly with customer production managers and design staff to refine design improvements, reducing client cost, and factory lead times, etc. The rollout and planning took weeks to complete, requiring 3D diligent negotiations with some suppliers, along with several production coordination trips to overseas factories.

“Thanks to our long-standing relationships within our factory network we can now increase production at several leading overseas facilities for a wide range of products. This logistics escalation is no small undertaking, as our team had to travel to mainland China, organizing our production pipeline with multiple vendors and overseas staff members. This expansion allows us to provide a more stable manufacturing chain, quicker turnarounds, higher volume, and lower MOQ’s to our customers..” said Mike Mendoza, 3D’s Marketing Director.

– Mike Mendoza
3D Marketing Director

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