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3D Factory Network Working Hard to Get Back On Track

For Immediate Release

3D Industries – Factory Network Working Hard to Get Back On Track.

Monday 24 Feb. 2020 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries Factory Network and related suppliers are working hard to get back on track amid the continuing coronavirus (now formally known as Covid-19) outbreak – 3D is glad to announce that its factories in China are back at work!

Manufacturers in our factory network supply chain have already endured an enforced three-week shut-down over the extended Chinese New Year holiday as part of efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Although the virus is still not under full control, the location of the factories means that permission was given to them by the local authorities to resume work. 3D Industries expect production to be at full speed by early March. Facing issues like quarantined workers, travel restrictions, and material delays are disrupting production, causing ongoing struggle to return to business, delaying samples, and product shipments.

Associates in our factory network are monitoring changes in our manufacturing operations in the country. They are closely monitoring developments, are taking steps to tackle production delays. Our team is grateful that 3D Industries’s customers have so far been supportive. Yet they are also resigned to the fact business disruption is inevitable.

Restarting Production

“We want to ensure our customers we are currently trying to catch up with the production time lost during the compulsory shut down. Things are moving along in spite of the current challenges. 16 of our main factories have started production…and some of our fabric mills have started production again. Our customers are overall very sympathetic to the situation and we are working out our production plans with them.” said 3D’s Production Manager.

Our factories are also taking numerous safety and protective measures against the coronavirus, such as the use of masks, temperature checks, regular
disinfection, hand washing and sanitizer use, travel history checks, separate lunch areas, and an increase in the distance between workers on the production line.

If you like to know more please contact your Account Manager. Our team would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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