3D Industries is a manufacturer of custom technical clothing, sportswear, and accessories for top brands worldwide. We are experts in manufacturing production and specialize in technical items. Established in 1983 and headquartered in Southern California. 3D Industries is a leader for custom clothing manufacturing services specializing in overseas production. We manufacture products to our buyers’ exact specifications and requirements.

Manufacturing private label apparel, or “branded apparel” is 3D Industries specialty. Our team of designers, developers and production professionals are experts in technical apparel, from aesthetics to the performance capabilities. 3D brings the three distinct parts of design & development, apparel manufacturing, and supply chain into one seamless service – Design/Development/Delivery. 


3D Industries operates from its offices in Lake Forest, California. Our facility supports our mission of bringing the three separate parts of the technical apparel supply chain together. Our design studio is at the heart of our offices and team meeting area. Our facility also features logistic operations, administrative offices, warehouse storage, and meeting rooms. We have our own offices in Jiangsu Province, China, with support staff to keep a watchful eye on production and maintain our high standards overseas.


At 3D Industries, we are veteran soft goods manufacturers with a detailed plan for each phase of your project. Our diverse factory network gives us the flexibility to process private label apparel orders ranging from as few as 500 pieces to over 20,000 pieces with equal ease. 3D Industries acts as the manufacturer, we ensure the stability of supply and the consistency of design from proto sample development through pre-production samples, and on to bulk production.


Never before has Social Compliance assumed such an important role in the global apparel industry as it does today. The health, safety and general welfare of workers as well as the sustainability and care of the natural environment are among the core values and principles upon which the modern-day global supply chain is built.

3D Industries takes an active role in social compliance, by adopting its own internal code of conduct. In addition to current WRAP certifications (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Producers), BSCI Audits, and ISO reports, etc. The factories in 3D Industries supply chain are kept up to date with documentation and current certifications. 3D also uses its own inspectors to monitor overseas production, as well as third-party inspectors, to ensure codes of conduct are met, that production, product quality, and working environment are up to 3D’s standards.


Our production timelines vary based on the item and quantity. The timeline for a less technical item and/or smaller quantities may be 2-3 weeks for proto sampling, with 30 to 45 days for production. Technical items and larger quantities may take 3 to 6 months for proto sampling, approvals, bulk production, and ocean delivery to the USA.

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