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3D Develops Hybrid Shirts for the Powersports Industry

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3D Industries – Develops Hybrid Shirt Designs Never Seen Before in the Powersports & Motorsports Industries

Tues, 11 Nov 2014 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries is developing hybrid designed pit & team shirts for top OEM’s and brands in the industry.

3D Industries is a long time private label manufacturer of technical garments, luggage, and accessories. 3D has over 30 years’ experience and millions of dollars in successful product lines for many top brands and OEM’s worldwide. 3D is currently perfecting new types of pit shirts and hybrid team polos with sublimation printing treatments. The process is based on combining classic elements into a new hybrid design of; pit shirt designs, sublimated MX Jerseys and team polos, along with other features often seen in motocross or motorsports from a more vintage era of racing sports apparel. The designs developed are combined seamlessly with materials from its partner supplier Déflec Technology®. A long time fabric developer and supplier, Déflec Technology® provides a broad range of textiles, fabric/treatment combinations. Déflec provides 3D with the ability to create high-level fabrics and materials for new products based on the performance requirements of the garment with the latest treatments and faster development times.

“The hybrid shirt designs tend to exceed our customers’ expectations. The new designs often turn heads and make people wonder? What is that shirt? Is it a polo?  Is a sublimated jersey? Is it a pit/team shirt? We like to think that we’re developing a new type of shirt that expresses many different avenues and can be used for multiple purposes within the industry. The technologies used are not unique to 3D Industries, but our process for combining the different facets from the supply chain and manufacturing process is unique to us and our abilities. We are confident that the use of these trends and developments will take hold and become a staple in the industry.” said Mike Mendoza, 3D’s Marketing Director.

3D expanded its support team to manage these new developments and boost the abilities for the production team. 3D has taken steps to facilitate the process to streamline its supply chain with shipping methods and coordination techniques to make sure that the hybrid shirts can be completed in a timely fashion using multiple technologies.

– Mike Mendoza
3D Marketing Director

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