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EtaProof® – The Most Breathable Weatherproof Fabric in the World

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3D Industries is proud to offer EtaProof® 100% Waterproof/Breathable Cotton

Monday, 5 Dec. 2016 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries is proud to be an appointed supplier of Swiss made EtaProof ® 100% Waterproof Breathable Cotton

3D Industries, a private label manufacturer, is proud to be an appointed supplier of EtaProof ®; one of the most highly regarded waterproof breathable fabrics for premium technical outerwear. 3D offers a wide range of technical pieces in ETaProof ® from jackets, pants, bibs, one-piece suits, shells and more.

(We use two different weights; 205 g/m² is used for jackets and the heavier 240 g/m² is used for pants. EtaProof ® is GOTS* certified (Global Organic Textile Standard).

From the freezing snows of the Arctic to
the hot winds of the Sahara.• HIGHLY BREATHABLE
Most breathable/weatherproof fabric available.

A totally windproof barrier protecting you
from wind-chill.

Applied finish provides 100% water repellency.

Unique fibers swell to stop ingress of water.

Warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

As comfortable as wearing a cotton shirt.

Rustle-free, at one with nature.

Made from natural products.

Will not suddenly break down like laminated
petrochemical fabrics.

3D Industries is proud to be an appointed supplier of one of the most highly regarded waterproof breathable fabrics for premium outerwear. It is the most breathable weatherproof fabric in the world, tried and tested extensively since decades. It outperforms conventional synthetic shell layers when it comes to durability, comfort and sustainability. It is an organic cotton weave, so densely woven that it becomes mechanically waterproof when the fibers expand from moisture.

The way it works is natural and simple. Long staple cotton fibers are softly spun, doubled and woven, resulting in a fine but dense weave, which accommodates up to thirty percent more yarn than conventional fabrics. Whether dry or wet, it is warm and windproof and breathes far more effectively than alternative fabrics ensuring comfort whether relaxing or exercising.

It’s in the Details – Low twist spinning of cotton results in a streamlined yarn, essential for giving EtaProof® fabrics their unique waterproof characteristics and is only possible with high grade, long staple cotton. All cotton undergoes a quality inspection, which is always done by hand, only 100% ‘A’-grade fabric is sent off for dyeing and finishing.

The fabric is then treated with a specially developed durable water repellent finish for increased performance. A special treatment gives EtaProof® excellent Durable Water Repellent (DWR) properties shedding water from its surface as demonstrated in nature. Even if torrential rain hits the DWR treatment, moisture will cause the gently spun fibers to swell, closing the weave even tighter, too tight to let water in, yet still allowing body vapor to escape

EtaProof® Offers Extensive Applications Across a Wide Range of Industries

EtaProof® has extensive use for outdoor clothing, raincoats, and accessories, as well as clothing for fishermen, hunters, snow sports, motorcyclists and even extreme explorers. EtaProof® is also used for work clothing by, forest rangers, airport technicians and F1 race crews.

3D knows exacting standards are important to our clients. We aim to offer only the best, please contact us to see options, pricing, and more information on EtaProof® made garments.

Contact 3D: (949) 588-5884 x 201 or inquiry@3d-ind.com

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