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Experts at Sports Fishing Apparel and Technical Bag Manufacturing

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3D Industries – Experts at Sports Fishing Apparel Manufacturing from Performance Apparel, to Technical Fishing Bags and Rain Wear.

Thursday, 27 Apr. 2017 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries offers custom development for private label apparel and accessories with specialized fabrics, treatments, trims, technical features to clients in the Sports Fishing Industry in 2017.

3D Industries offers manufacturing and development services for premium sportfishing apparel and accessories; with a range of service options, proprietary fabrics, advanced trim sourcing, technical construction, functional features, water resistant/proof materials, and UV treatments. 3D handles all aspects of manufacturing from development to delivery. 3D specializes in all types of custom apparel ranging from performance outerwear, UV wicking shirts, waterproof bags, technical angler shirts, and shorts, kill bags, headwear, and accessories.

3D has a large network of direct factory relationships with over 30 years of manufacturing technical sportswear to a higher quality and quicker turnaround; we are experts with all the variables in the manufacturing chain. 3D’s services are perfect for sports fishing companies looking to source production for advanced features with custom designs, sublimated prints, or technical feature development. 3D is currently expanding its capabilities for clients in the angler/sport fishing industries. We have decades of working with million dollar brands worldwide; the knowledge that comes from years of experience in the sports apparel marketplace gives 3D Industries the edge over other private label manufacturing firms.

“3D Industries is already producing high-quality sports apparel for many brands in the sports fishing, marketplace. We are experts at waterproofing, cold/foul weather gear, UV clothing, anti-bacterial, lightweight breathable fabrics, interlocked seams, and technical functionality. Features that exemplify a quality sports garment. The modern angler markets demand a higher standard, we would like to meet this demand.”

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– Mike Mendoza
3D Marketing Director

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