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Offering Factory Direct Forestry Gear with Chainsaw Protection

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3D Industries – Offering Factory Direct Forestry Gear with Chainsaw Protection

Tuesday, 26 July. 2016 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries factory network expands to offer forestry protective pants and jackets with chainsaw rated materials in 2016.

3D Industries factory direct chainsaw protective pants and jackets made with the latest material innovations in the Forestry PPE industry. 3D’s new EN rated protective gear provides leading material features for those working with chainsaws and cutting equipment. 3D is now offering (EN381-5 CLASS I) and (EN-ISO-20471) rated gear for safety and protection.

These new offerings can be made in jackets, bibs, and pants, etc. The material provides lifesaving protection for those urgent seconds that mater when a chainsaw (or cutting equipment) meets the material’s surface. The fabric is rated 20 m/s. 3D will also be expanding manufacturing for a full range of high visibility gear with reflective (EN-ISO-20471) qualities and hi view colors; jackets, vest, pants and other types of hi-visibility safety wear.

3D is currently working with its factory for US rating and certification requirements. EU standards are stricter with the testing fabrics and materials then US certification, nonetheless our factory and operations team are working to supply all US testing requirements as 3D expands its sales operation into North American markets.

“With these new factories offerings, we can expand our outdoor clients with more technical and protective gear at a very competitive price point. We are pretty excited to be offering our customers rated forestry and safety gear from factories that produce such a high-quality product.”

– Mike Mendoza
3D Marketing Director

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