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3D Industries – Overseas Production Experts For Custom Apparel

Friday, 20 Mar 2020 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries offer over 30 years of expertise in navigating custom apparel manufacturing.

We are highly capable of manufacturing a wide range of products; offering complete service logistics. Offering outerwear, activewear, sportswear, racing gear, hats, accessories and more.

3D Industries is always working on bringing innovation from its manufacturing network to top brands and OEM clients worldwide. By pioneering advances for custom apparel and accessories that not only meet the demands of production budgets, and design styles but improve upon existing designs of apparel and soft goods. This approach is the same for 3D’s design techniques; always with forethought for new ways to make client products stand out in the marketplace. 3D Industries offers many advanced services; custom fabrics, trims, and materials, new construction methods, custom R&D, cutting edge printing techniques, all the way to water-resistant, waterproofing, and fire safety materials. But, never forgetting the “function-first” philosophy needed to make a quality technical product.

• Strong manufacturing team, expert track record, and reputation
• 30+ years in business; USA offices located in California
• Rapid fast-track development of materials, protos, and sales samples
• BCSI, ISO certified, 3rd party inspections, and QC systems
• We accept orders of 500+ MOQ’s
• Confidential management of your orders

“Because 3D Industries acts as the manufacturer, we can ensure the stability of the supply chain and the consistency of design throughout a product’s entire market life. We manage all aspects of the development of a product; from conducting several series of R&D processes, quality testing, provide custom mill sourcing, to extremely innovative design and construction. 3D Industries assures that every possible method is explored and nothing is missed.” Said Mike Mendoza, 3D’s Marketing Director
– Mike Mendoza
3D Marketing Director

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