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3D Offers Premium Options on Protective Vehicle Covers

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3D Offers Premium Quality Materials for a 3 Tier Turnkey Option on Protective Car Covers

Fri, 16 June 2019 – LAKE FOREST, Calif. – 3D Industries offers a 3 tier choice solution for protective vehicle cover materials with custom branding.

3D Industries manufactures premium vehicle covers for top brands and OEM’s in the Powersports industries; 3D has over 20 years’ experience making custom protective covers, so we are experts at weather-resistant, UV/sun, and waterproofing. We offer extremely competitive pricing on private label covers with your custom company branding.

3D manufactures custom-made vehicle covers for all shapes and sizes of vehicles from Powersports vehicles like street bikes, dirt bikes, ATVS/UTV’s, as well as cars, trucks, boats and much more. 3D now offers a 3 tier solution for quality materials from a heavyweight bonded and bonded breathable fabric, to lightweight non-woven.

3D’s premium vehicle covers keep out all types of elements, lower temperature and ultimately prevent scratches and UV damage. Our vehicle covers shield vehicles from bird droppings, leaves, sap, dew, dust, and other erosive outside conditions; offering the highest form of protection and construction.

“Different fabrics offer different levels of protection performance, and some focus on protecting from a specific element, like intense sun exposure, snow or dust. Our range of fabrics are based on experience in manufacturing covers since 1995, this knowledge helps us develop covers best suited for each client’s custom needs.” said Mike Mendoza, 3D’s Marketing Director.

– Mike Mendoza
3D Marketing Director

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