Revised: 02/21/2020

3D Industries is a Custom Private Label Manufacturer that produces and delivers a product according to our client’s direction and specifications. As such, no two orders we make are ever the same. It’s not always possible to keep the same terms for each order, as prices, delivery, production, freight, tariffs, etc., are always changing. We will always confirm specific information to our customers on an order-to-order basis, but here are some standard terms and conditions for reference:


  1. Our prices are usually quoted as FOB Los Angeles, Ca. (which means the full cost of the product and freight, duty, etc., is included in the price). All you need to do is pick-up from our Los Angeles, CA warehouse. We may also quote a different FOB pick-up point from time to time.
  2. We also offer FOB China pricing. That includes delivering your order to your China Freight Forwarding agent, where our responsibility ends. The customer is responsible for any unreasonable charges from their forwarder with regards to dropping off or picking up your order.

  3. Prices are always subject to change as the global cost for raw materials, labor, freight, tariffs, etc. are changeable without notice. Similarly, fluctuations in currency conversion may result in a change in pricing. The final price may be subject to matters outside our control, such as duty rates increased by the government and import cost upcharges and will be reviewed at the time of delivery and are subject to change. Any current government increase of tariffs will need to be passed on to our customers, even if prices were already quoted or orders already confirmed. Please check with your Accounts Manager for clarification if any questions.

  4. As we are an overseas manufacturer, our payment terms are usually 50% deposit required with your official Purchase Order and balance due prior to pick up from our warehouse (or delivery to your Forwarder). Other terms may be negotiated after first order, subject to credit checking, etc.


As your production partner, we want to ensure you are happy with the final product. We cannot duplicate the actual wear and tear, and/or repetitive activities, of the final consumer. Therefore, your feedback regarding fit, fabric, construction, logo/graphic application, during sample development is crucial. It is your responsibility to make sure the final sample you approve will work for your company and end-user.

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Please note that we do not sign NDA’s. After 30 years in business, our clients expect and demand the highest level of discretion regarding their logos, artwork, and designs, etc.. This discretion is an integral part of our business. Please note that we do not manufacture, print or embroider in our own facility, as this is given to our outside contractors. We have long-standing relationships with our contractors. They are professional and are aware of our confidentiality rules. Please be assured that your inquiry and order will be handled in the strictest of confidence.

  2. It is your responsibility to Wear Test, Wash Test & Field Test the Proto & Sales Samples we submit and provide your approval to Design, Fit, Fabric, Construction, Decoration Quality, etc. Any and all comments and corrections you require must be put in writing, for each sample we provide. Construction and/or quality improvements can only be made once we receive your feedback after the items have been tested in the environment and/activity they are intended for. We will submit samples until we have your absolute approval to go ahead with bulk production. If you wish, you may request and pay for testing by an industry-trusted non-partial 3rd party inspection company. Please note that any extra testing requests may affect the final delivery of your order.

  3. Testing could be performed on samples according to customer’s direction and cost, to see if they meet specific performance standards, including the below. After tests are performed you will receive a copy of the results.
  4. • Dimensional stability to washing and dry cleaning
    • Colorfastness to light, crocking (rubbing), washing, bleaching
    • Physical tests – Strength, abrasion, pilling resistance
    • Chemical Tests – finish analysis ,pH, water resistance, flammability, Antibacterial & Antimicrobial testing

  5. Pre-Production Samples: After you provide proto sample comments, bulk PO and 50% deposit, we will provide Pre-Production samples for your final approval.
    (Note: No changes can be made at this point.)

  6. The Pre-Production sample will represent the exact Quality and Construction of the future Bulk Production unless otherwise stated. You should be sure that any and all comments & corrections you requested previously, based on samples submitted, have now been satisfied to your absolute approval. By approving the Pre-Production sample, you are acknowledging and approving its current overall Quality & Construction for Bulk Production and end-use acceptability and giving 3D Industries 100% clearance to proceed with Bulk Production in the same quality. We will require your approval confirmation in writing, so that we may proceed with bulk production.

  7. Client assumes all responsibility for ownership of logos, images, art, tech packs, and graphic assets provided to 3D Industries. We will presume that if you send us any logos, artwork, images, graphics, or tech packs, etc., that you (the customer), are the rightful owner of such assets provided and that you give 3d Industries permission to use it for all sampling or production you request to be made by 3D Industries, our factories, and staff.


  1. Because your order is custom, our suppliers of raw materials will sometimes deliver to us, quantities which are slightly less or more than those that we ordered. Therefore, we reserve the right to deliver to you, a final quantity which may be +/- 5% of your original order qty (your final payment must be against the total # of units being shipped to you and reflected on our final invoice)

  2. Delivery date is always quoted in good faith and is estimated. This is because of varying factors that could include delay in approval of production samples, port strikes, Custom examinations, client’s delay in sending sample comments and/or final payment, etc, etc.. We strive to keep our customers posted of production & clearance progress, so they can plan accordingly and therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the final delivery date.

  3. Clients must inspect their order immediately upon receipt. Any discrepancies regarding quantity received, quality issues or similar concerns about your order, must be reported to us in writing within 15 days of receipt of the goods, otherwise, we reserve the right not to accept such claims.

  4. We primarily make soft goods which are constructed by sewing machines. We operate strict quality control measures, but due to the nature of soft goods construction, it may be possible to encounter occasional defective product from time-to-time (even if you inspect the order 100%). Due to our strict control, we hope that you do not find any defective product. However, practically, we allow the standard industry tolerance of just 3% per style per order. That is to say that out of 100pcs of a style (as an example), if you receive up to 3 units as defective, this will be allowable. For any quantity over 3%, you must report it to us in writing within 60 days of receipt and we will address the problem at once. We reserve the right to repair, replace or credit any such quantity that we agree to be defective. We are not responsible for your cost of inspecting the goods once you take delivery.

  5. We will request the balance of payment just prior to goods arriving in our warehouse. If payment is not received in time, we must move your order to a 3rd party facility for storage and pass on the storage fees (which must be paid prior to the release of goods). Interest and late penalty charges on the past due amount may also apply. Please contact your Accounts Manager for more details.

  6. Order will be prepared for pick up in loose export shipping cartons. If you require your goods on pallets with shrink wrap, there will be a $20 per pallet charge. We do not always have a raised loading dock so you are responsible for ordering your truck with a lift gate. Please let our Shipping Dept know of any special requests with advance notice.

For any questions regarding terms and conditions relating to your order, please contact your Accounts Manager or email: inquiry@3d-ind.com

For more information, click here to view our FAQ’s.

Terms & Conditions may be subject to change without notice. – Copyright 3D Industries 2020

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